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Godaddy Issues

Spent a good hour in the phone this morning with GoDaddy support, because one of my clients notified me that their website wasn’t loading. When I first looked, all my non-wordpress sites were loading just fine. Only sites that wouldn’t load were the ones that had wordpress running.

Tech support asked me if I had updated any plugins. I said no. Told him all I was seeing was a 500 Internal Error message which usually means it’s a problem with their web server. Dude brought up my main site and said it loaded fine. Told him my root site is all HTML, it’s my sub sites that are wordpress. He tried loading one and notice it was slow. He ask how long that had been going on, told him about a year now. He claimed it was something on my site, sure whatever. When a plain htm file take 20 seconds to load, it’s not my site, it’s your damn server. Turns out I think they had a database server issue that they didn’t want to report. He then gave me an eta of 2 – 4 hours to fix. 40 minutes later, I notice that the database server was rebooted….hmm, interesting that my sites started responding again. Love the fact that they aren’t even monitoring their own servers. Guess it’s time to start looking into moving my wordpress sites to my other hosting account.

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