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If you know me, you know I love Hilton hotels, well, this past weekend that Family stayed at the Embassy Suite at the Philadelphia Airport. We will NOT be staying here ever again! This had to have been the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at. 

Background: We are here in Philly due to a death in our extended family. We wanted 2 rooms that were connected together. Traveling with me is my Mother, Grandmother, and niece. 

Upon arriving at the hotel, only one of our two rooms were ready. We asked for a shower chair for my Grandma, the hotel claimed they didn’t have one, and said they would call around (there was another Hilton property less then a 10 minute walk away) and would lets us know when/if they find one. Never heard from them again on this. 

As I stated only one of our rooms was ready, they were to call when it was ready, took nearly two and a half hours for them to call, when I know the room had been ready for hours. 

Besides the NCAA, I’m not sure what else was going on in this hotel, but there were an abnormal amount of kids in this place. I don’t understand what type of parent would let their child run around and act like fools and half dressed. 

The HVAC in both our rooms didn’t seem to do shit, I had my room set at 60, and it did not get any cooler. 

There was a garbage bag sitting in the hall way for 2 days, and I’m not sure why it was there for so long. 

I will say, the managers did try and make it up to us. Upon checking in and my first rant, the desk manager gave me some free drink tickets. 

Upon checking out, they removed a night from both my bill and my Mom’s bill. 

Needless to say, this hotel will most likely not get any of my business in the future. 

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